Оригами и поезия

Наскоро открих един подарък от много близка приятелка и реших да го споделя.

Прекрасна книга с оригами и стихове от източни поети.



I once saw my beloved one

For a moment in a drowse;

Since then I have begun

To look to dreams with hope

/Ono no Komachi, 834-80, Japan/



On a rainy Night to You Up North

You ask for a homecoming date but still there is no date,

on Mount Bashan the late night rain swells the autumn lake.

When will you and I trim a candle by the bedroom window again,

and chat about Mount Bashan and the late night rain?

/Li Shangyin, 813-58, China/


Then let us pledge a friendship

without human ties

And meet again at the

far end of the Milky Way

/Li Po, 701-62,China/



I have always regretted the shallowness of words

Compared with the depth of human hearts,

Today the two of us look at one another,

Silently, but with feelings a hundredfold.

/Liu Yu-hsi, 772-842, China/

Оригами и поезия

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